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5 Ways To Make A Great Impression

Email Marketing StrategyDo you engage in email marketing for your company? If you’ve been doing email for more than a couple of years, you know that this is the time to ramp up your very strategic efforts for the holiday season.

NO, it’s too early to send a holiday email – unless it’s for Labor Day! But you need to put a LOT of thought into how you will use email marketing as an additional touch point in your holiday marketing campaigns, and that has to start NOW.

What do I mean ‘touch point’?

Well, it can take up to 10 contacts or ‘touch points’ with a potential customer before they may purchase from you. That stat is good for every industry across the board. If you rely solely on the phone to ring, ads in the paper, your website and a Facebook page that gets attention twice a week – friends, though it’s an okay start – it’s not enough in today’s fast paced world.

We’re easy to forget, and even well-meaning, loyal customers get wooed away by those willing to do what we are not.

Here are some additional ways to connect with your prospects, and just in time for you to act on them!

Calendars – Pam Russell, owner of Proforma Specialty Products  and Sales Coaching Expert  (also, my Offbeat Business Show co-host!) says the first calendar a person receives for the following year has the highest odds of being the chosen favorite, even if others get sent to them later. She suggests purchasing your calendars for Thanksgiving Thank You’s instead of Christmas gifts, to get you ahead of the rest. Calendars are still widely used in every office, and people have a higher view of companies that appear on them.

Pens – Pens may have as many as 10 owners in their lifetime. You want to offer good pens that work, at the best prices possible. Contact Pam about that, she’ll make sure you don’t waste your money.

Hand written cards – NEVER underestimate the power of a hand-written note or card! You can do this weekly or monthly.

Email weekly – Share tips and valuable advice that people will remember, and SHARE. (But only if you’re encouraging this.)

(Watch for your exclusive  Holiday Email Marketing Success Program I’m about to unleash with the unveiling of the new Leaping Walls website coming soon!)

YouTube videos – With your most asked for information all neatly compiled on a channel by the name of the service you’re showcasing.

Friends, be a recognizable and familiar brand. Your forward thinking will keep you head and shoulders above your competition in the minds of your customers, and you’ll make more money with people who truly enjoy working with you – what a blessing!

Do you have any ‘touch points’ you’d add? We’d love to hear about what’s working for you, please share in the comments below.

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