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Amazing Free Tool To Use Facebook For Lead Generation

Facebook for lead generation.Sick of claims that Facebook ‘Likes’ will somehow help you grow your business, when you know darn well those people don’t buy from you?

Hey, you can get so much more from Facebook, IF you think about your end game. Are you wanting more ‘Likes’, more interaction, or would you like to generate more leads? In my opinion, turning your ‘Likes’ into leads is the smartest way to go.

The BEST marketing strategy will extend your reach, generate new leads and retain existing customers, AND make sales easier. While Facebook gives you opportunities to extend your reach and interact, it often fails as a healthy lead generator and retention tool for most companies. We ALL know that Facebook routinely changes who gets to see your page posts, and that makes it hard to really understand the impact your efforts may or may not have. Until recently, your customers have probably NOT seen many – if ANY – of your page posts, if you’re the majority of businesses using this platform.

SO, what to do?

Use the ‘Tab’ function to turn your page ‘Likes’ into email subscribers. Email continues to be the number one most effective lead generator in the world, and no wonder – email addresses are required for absolutely everything to access anything at all online.

Here’s what you can do to capture email subscribers with Facebook:

  • Go to your Facebook search bar and type in Static HTML
  • Add it to your page

Static HTML tab.

  • Voila! You can now customize the page you’ve just now created to generate email leads.
  • Add your YouTube embed code for a short informational invitation
  • Add a couple of lines of text and a call to action
  • Add your AWeber email embed code, using the Raw HTML Version

AWeber embed code.

Preview your tab to see what it looks like. Once you publish your page, you will be given a link to share that page directly with your page followers.

Then, customize your tab button language with something like ‘Start Here’ ‘Join Now’ or ‘Sign Up!’  Then simply add a new custom image of 111 px X 74 px in a bright color or identifying text to finish off the job.

Now, invite your page ‘Likers’ to check out your email newsletter. No, they won’t all take you up on it, but invite them through messaging for a greater response rate.

What do you think, can you use this system to build your email list and convert your ‘Likers’ to subscribers?

Once you’ve done this, add your new custom tab page link to the comments on my Facebook page!

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