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Introducing The Offbeat Business Show Airing Tuesdays at Noon!

Business owners everywhere are bombarded with marketing information. We get phone calls, letters, emails and contacts through our website from every country and company offering to improve our online search results and help us ‘get found’. Stay on Facebook long enough and you’ll see countless offers by Facebook marketing pros…

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Forced Time Off Is A Discipline

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Are YOU A Leader?

According to my analytics, if you’re reading or listening to this, you are. Leadership is a widely misunderstood word, conjuring up images of highly successful people doing big things. But if that was the only definition, we’d be in big trouble. Great leadership may happen in very small venues, in…

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How To Get Through Information Overload

Funny thing about Google. There’s no end of information out there. In fact, between your inbox, YouTube and coaches on Facebook, there’s no reason anybody can’t know everything there EVER was to know! Google, Ask, Yahoo, and Bing are all just avenues to resources that other people added to a…

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Listen. It’s Good For You

Grab a cup of coffee and sit down, my friend. Let’s chat about a routine day you might experience at work in your very own company. I see you constantly busy. As a matter of fact, several employees have been wanting to talk with you about some pretty important stuff,…

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