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There’s More Than One Way To Skin A Cat (What?)

That’s a totally crazy thing to say, don’t ya think? I mean, who wants to skin a cat?? But it got you here because you know what it means when someone says that … now I’m going to show you what it SHOULD mean to you. And then we’re going…

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HELP! How Do I Make More Money, I’m Out Of Time!

The issue isn’t that you’re NOT doing enough, you know. Why do we always think that doing more will make more money come in? It never works, but I don’t know ANYONE who hasn’t gone through a cycle of thinking like that at least a couple of times – sometimes…

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Don’t Waste Information

Automation, Customer Service and Trackable Data In the state of Texas, we have the right to choose our electric service provider. That’s handy, and although many have no idea what that means to them, I know I save between $50.00 and $250.00 a month on my electric bill because I…

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Lessons in Olympic Excellence

My hubby and I watched the female short form and long form ice skating routines this weekend, and I was struck by the level of discipline it must take to spend years focusing on each movement. WOW. We’ve got amazing talent representing the United States of America. As a mother…

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Most People Don’t Know What Google Can Do

I really appreciate my Richardson Copywriter subscribers because there’s no one else like them anywhere. Oh, you can HAVE a company. It’s one thing to show up … My readers have a strong desire to impact their community with their products and services. Sometimes that means they’re involved in an…

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