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Do You Have T.I.M.E. For Success? Funny Pictures

How you look at things makes all the difference in the world, doesn’t it?

You may think, like many do, that your phone doesn’t ring like it used to because people can’t afford products and services right now. I talk to people all the time who believe that Wall Street governs their sales patterns. What about you, do you believe NASDAQ controls your ability to make money and grow your business?

What about legislation? Do we currently have laws in place that make it harder to do business as usual, with way too much paperwork and oversight by taxing authorities, and yielding far less of anything you could honestly call profit? Don’t get me started about health care.

Yeah, it’s true. All of it. Some businesses lose big when Wall Street takes a plunge. Filing, paying and reporting taxes takes too much time and too much money.

So what’s your response? Well, here’s mine.

It’s time to make enough money to walk outside of those limitations. The good Samaritan had enough money to offer medical assistance, temporary housing, and pay for all the victim’s needs until he returned. It wasn’t a picture of the church, it was a picture of a man that could. An illustration of a neighbor, right?

 Times were tough, but there’s no mention of his complaining that he didn’t have enough to help. To me, it’s just one of many observations I’ve made about Jesus’ parables. He expects us to have what we need, not only for ourselves, but to serve others. Pray for Wisdom and discernment to learn how He wants you to do this. He’ll give it ‘ungrudgingly and without faultfinding’. That’s awesome, and it’s dependable information.

Here’s how I see it. It’s time to repackage what you’re doing, selling, and saying. It’s time to recognize that you’ve got a lot more control of your company’s future than you think.

Most people have themselves so worked into routine that thinking outside of the structure they’ve neatly created for their business is impossible. I’m not saying structure is wrong, far from it. Without structure you can’t do anything reasonably well. But without working TIME into your business to keep it fresh, you can’t do anything excellent and excellent is what’s required RIGHT NOW.

Businesses have to decide what side of the line they’re on. It’s only a thin line that separates high achievement and poverty. We think somewhere along the road we’ll recognize some metamorphic boulder and go, ‘BING! It’s time to change how we do business.’

There’s your sign, right?

It’s so much more subtle than that. The truth is, you will only grow to the degree you can see the next step. Big vision is awesome, but without forward motion it’s just an idea. That idea is NOT enough to protect your company from destruction. It’s not enough to keep you on the right side of the line.

Time can work for you or against you. If you’re not actively looking into ways to grow your company, it’s working against you. If you’re ready to get to the next level, here’s the best way to use your T.I.M.E.:

T – TAKE an hour out of each day to focus on your next step. It will feel like stealing, but I assure you that it’s not. Change your perspective to realize you’re GIVING, not stealing.

I – IMAGINE the possibilities in quiet moments. Close the door, close Outlook, be unavailable for phone calls. Use a vision board and really look at your company’s potential. Number your goals in the order that you have to realistically achieve them.

M – MAKE one step toward your goal. Outline what’s necessary for the first step to take place, and do it.

E – EVALUATE your progress over several weeks. If it doesn’t look just right at first, don’t give up. Each time you go forward you learn something you needed to know for your efforts to be successful. Write it down, do a formal evaluation! Look for a better route to achieve your goals. See where your team missed it and figure out why. 80% of business owners fail here. Again, don’t give up. Do it again until it works.

Success isn’t a place. It’s a journey. It’s one small forward step at a time. Overnight superstars in business take years to produce! I believe in you. Let’s get America back to work.

Comments? I’d love to know how much time you take each week to prepare for YOUR next step. There’s NO wrong answer! Tell me about it below.

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