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Introducing The Offbeat Business Show Airing Tuesdays at Noon!

Marching to the beat of your own business.

Marching To The Beat Of Your Own Business!

Business owners everywhere are bombarded with marketing information. We get phone calls, letters, emails and contacts through our website from every country and company offering to improve our online search results and help us ‘get found’. Stay on Facebook long enough and you’ll see countless offers by Facebook marketing pros to help you advertise and increase your effectiveness on Facebook. We have Twitter cards now and Hootsuite and TweetAdder and now there’s a Google Plus? And we ALL have one?? Really??

It’s a LOT of information, and some of it is highly important information – but how can someone who is not familiar with these terms and platforms recognize what is truly helpful and what is simply ‘clutter’?  Listen in:

Here’s the real question, “How much of it matters to YOUR business?”

When you decided to go into business, you had plans and ambitions to make good, honest money and enjoy the benefits of business ownership – benefits like time, money and opportunity to impact your community positively. You probably thought that you might get a vacation every year. Maybe a boat.

The Offbeat Business Show, Sound Advice - NEVER Boring!

Sound advice – NEVER boring!

For the average business owner who has been in business 15-50 years, life has not offered many opportunities for vacation or even volunteering. Running a company is a big job, and there are many BIG jobs within it required to manage it well. For the most part, though we know we should hire – we lack the capital to do so and the mindset to embrace it, casting us further into the tailspin of American business in 2014.

We can’t wear all the hats, but we sure think we can.

How many business owners today are over 55, doing their own payroll, marketing and still doing the frontline work of the company? How many of us are still working IN our businesses, with no time to work ON our businesses?

Could this be why we’re not adopting the most important routines and systems necessary for actual GROWTH today? Because if we’re not growing, we’re sinking. There isn’t any in between, even if it feels like it for the moment.

The Offbeat Business Show With Susan & Pam

Co-hosts Susan Hamilton, Business Coach, Marketing Strategist and owner of Leaping Walls Consulting & Services, and Sales Expert Pam Russell, of soon to be launched The BE Influence, offer sound commentary, advice and direction for business owners who are ready to ‘cut the crap’ when it comes to information overload. The Offbeat Business Show airs at noon on Tuesdays starting July 8th, 2014, and will cover topics business owners want to understand TODAY so they can truly enjoy their journey in business and leave behind a legacy company.

Guests will include experts in human resources, finance, online marketing, sales strategy and more. If it matters to micro to small local American business, we’ll cover it during The Offbeat Business Show – so you can march to the beat of your own business and experience the success you’ve been hoping for. Tune in to Pegasus Net Waves for enjoyable jazz background music and talk shows that inspire!

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