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Lessons in Olympic Excellence

My hubby and I watched the female short form and long form ice skating routines this weekend, and I was struck by the level of discipline it must take to spend years focusing on each movement.

Girl skating.WOW. We’ve got amazing talent representing the United States of America. As a mother of 5 grown young adults, I know it was no small thing for the parents to continue to encourage them in their pursuit of a medal. A couple of take-aways we can use for our companies this week?

Oh, yeah. I’ll limit my choices in this post because I found SO much material.  

1. Listen to what you’re telling yourself.

Just getting to the Olympics is a challenge conquered, and to win is even more amazing. As I looked in their faces, I saw determination. As a mother, I could tell what they were telling themselves. Not ONE went in thinking, “I’m never gonna make it” or “I wonder if I can do this.” No, they were in it to win it. Without that attitude, you simply cannot accomplish your goals. When you meet resistance, which you will, you have to push with all the mental energy you can muster, including encouraging yourself by the moment. You have to decide what you believe, and decide what you’re going to dwell on. (Philippians 4:17)

2. When you fall, get back up.

About to fall on skis.Like I said, just getting to the Olympics was a feat in itself. You WILL lose points if you fall. You will, for that competition, miss your chance to medal. Even so, the dignity that expresses itself in facial expression and bodily form to get up and continue to put out the best mattered to everyone who watched. Someone needed to see the routine completed.

We all go through challenges. We all suffer defeat in some area or several areas. The ones that become excellent got back up and did it again. They determined to master the missed detail that took them down. They’ll scour the recordings, they’ll play back the events of the day, they’ll dig deep into the preparation to learn where they were weak – and then they GET BACK UP.

And we’re so silly. We think we’re doing it for OURSELVES. No, my friends, in business I think we do it to prove it can be done, and in that moment we become an inspiration to someone who needed to see business ownership, management, and customer service modeled before them. It’s never really about us. That’s why your ‘why’ is so important.

3. Details matter.

As I mentioned in the above point, great athletes go to great lengths to determine how to improve their game. If the leg just swung out another inch … if the skate hit the ice at a slightly different angle … if they had only relaxed a tiny bit more … the outcome would have been so different.

Management starts with a plan.My friends, take those painstakingly minute details to heart. Talk to customers with a smile on your face. Send a hand written thank-you note. Do just a little bit more than they expect. Reach just a little further into your community. Add just a little more to your content. Spend a little more time learning from someone else. Use spell check! Read your emails out loud before you send them. Script your conversations so you don’t forget something important. Genuinely care about people.

Your company should be making money enough for you to flourish and to impact positive change in your community (Titus 3:14). The vision God gave you was intentional, but a good father wouldn’t give a 5-year-old the keys to the car. You were made to be excellent, and to experience life in community with JOY. You’re not waiting for something in your future to be appear, you’re allowing patience and endurance to have it’s perfect work in you. YOU are being changed by this experience! The prize for your diligence is already here, your character is being tested. What’s your attitude when it doesn’t turn out like you expected? Children throwing fits aren’t ready for the keys.

Millionaires don’t work harder than you do, they work smarter, use systems, and develop disciplines that cause them to succeed. You can do that, too. Keep your head up, dig in, spend less time working ‘in’ your business than ‘on’ your business, and you’ll see the success you desire.

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  1. Good Morning Susan!

    Your articles are always helpful! I look forward to getting them for support. I would see myself as a figure skater! Todays information touched me in many ways: No matter what keep going! And being connected to your web classes online is so rewarding to me because I want to learn! My goal is to learn facebook/twitter because I don’t know how to go about marketing my products!

    I look forward to more feb classes!

    P. S. – I’m the oldest of 5 kids with 1 set of twins!

    Warmest Regards,

    Cicelysocial media monitoring

  2. Thank you, Cicely, nice to hear from you. I love to hear from happy Richardson Copywriter subscribers!! Twitter and Facebook are handy avenues to build interest in your products, but ‘likes’ don’t equal a purchase – only the familiarity required to become a purchase in the future. Be careful how you spend your time, remembering that social media marketing is only successful when you have systems in place that make it easy for an audience to know, like and trust you AND your products enough to come to a purchase decision.

    Remember, social media should build buzz and guide:) I’m excited for your future in business! ~ Susan

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