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Money For Nothing and Your Checks For Free

I spent a lot of time listening to the Dire Straits. Remember ‘I Want My MTV’? I thought you might dig the title!

We may whine about the economy now, but overall, we’ve been a pretty spoiled generation! I thoroughly enjoyed my ‘MTV’ mindset – and I bet you did, too. But then we woke up.

‘Money for nothin’ was a big, fat lie, but it’s easy to want what we visualize, right? Those parties looked like a lot of fun.

We never really went to anything like that … ? Man, I totally remember when I was visualizing the WRONG kind of life, and I was headed in the completely WRONG direction. But what I want to talk about is visualization. Have you spent any time lately actually preparing for success

Watch this video from the highly esteemed Zig Ziglar:

Hey, without visualization, we can’t achieve anything. We don’t just wake up one day with all of our dreams manifested and our families and companies doing well. It takes significant effort to learn how to take something and make it grow, and God planned it that way. He tells us in Titus to not live ‘uncultivated lives’. One definition of ‘cultivate’ literally means to give time and attention to, and to put effort into improving. He gave us this amazing imagination and told us to ask Him for Wisdom. He told us anything we’d put our hand to would prosper (Deut 28:8) if we remembered where it came from (Deut 8:18) and to use our success to benefit others who may be struggling with vision and purpose, too. (The blessing principle, Gen 12:3)

Ok, so how do you get your business from where it is today to where you want it to be tomorrow, or next week, or next year? You have to make smart networking and marketing investments. Period.

Marketing Budget Manifesto.And the logic behind it is simple. You’re never in business by yourself. It takes 2 people to say yes for money to be made. That requires effective communication tools. Too many people look at marketing and networking like they’re ‘extras’ that only high-earning companies can afford to participate in. Got news for ya’, they’re earning more because they’re doing more strategic marketing and networking.

You need a marketing budget, and I’m gonna cut to the chase:

  • Whether it’s $10.00 a week or $10,000 – you need a number, and
  • You need to know what that number is for, and
  • You need to act on it every single day.

Start somewhere and each time it pays off, reinvest it until you can afford an amount that will allow you to reach more people.

Your smile is nice, your elevator speech is great. But after the handshake, what have you left behind that leaves a lasting impression? Your marketing budget is NOTHING to laugh at. Here are some areas in your marketing plan you should be prepared for to catapult your business in 2014. I’m not telling you to do them ALL, but you have to consider where you are – and where you want to be. The difference is an investment of some sort. Where do you need to have a stronger presence?

Here is a short list of topics included in the Marketing Budget Manifesto I have for you, just one of the many bonus items I’m sharing with Richardson Copywriter subscribers this month. I want you to get a taste of your amazing future, and realize that every step you take and every move you make (yeah, another anthem reference …) is bringing you closer to your dreams.

  • Facebook – pages don’t get shown like they used to, you need a strategy.
  • Networking opportunities
  • Client and prospect visits
  • Warm gestures, like birthdays or customer appreciation
  • Trade shows – yep, still happening and still successful IF you’re prepared
  • Website maintenance
  • Social media assistance
  • Lead generation
  • Customer retention
  • Organization, association and chamber dues – DON’T overlook this

I go into much more detail and actually show you why and how to budget for these areas in your Marketing Budget Manifesto, absolutely FREE when you sign up for The Richardson Copywriter.

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Are you a subscriber yet? Your detailed Marketing Budget Manifesto is exactly what you need to get over the brick walls you’re looking at right now. Never miss another opportunity to LEAP into your amazing future. I won’t ever promise you money for nothin’, but I will help you bring in more money, spend more time doing the things you love, and expose you to value systems that – if you DO your part – will change your life forever.

What are you waiting for? Let me know how the Marketing Budget Manifesto serves you, your comments below are valuable! Sign up over there >>>>>>>

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