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Not All Routines Are Great

Routine has a place in our companies. Routines keep us consistent and help our teams run smoothly.

But not all routines are great. Has anyone ever asked you about why you do things a certain way, and the only answer you can give is, “That’s just how we do it, bro. We’ve always done it like that.” In my experience, some routines become dull over time.

Friends, I want you to take notice of the areas in your business where the ‘this is the way we (I) do it’ response is easy to give. It’s simply not a good enough answer for a company with big goals.

Time to change your strategy.When Leaping Walls Consulting & Services is hired for a Comprehensive Assessment, no stone is left unturned. Identifying complacency, redundancy, latency and seemingly unavoidable tasks in every department is mandatory for continued growth. This type of scrutiny is NOT just for mid to large sized corporations, but for every mom & pop operation in town. Who can afford to waste time or money?

On some level, these issues exist in every company. If you’re starting to see setbacks that may be the result of one or two of these inefficiencies, here is the litmus test you need to decide if you can manage corrective measures in-house, or whether it’s time to get help. Remember, these questions are just as important for your one-man-show as they are for any company.

  • Is 20% or more of the time you or your team spend in the field unaccounted for at the end of the week?
  • Are appointments routinely rescheduled because of issues not related to your customer?
  • Do you have systems in place for documenting and reporting time allocations of each task?
  • Are detailed tasks lists for each employee or each responsibility clearly documented and adhered to?
  • Does the amount of money coming in reflect the amount of effort being invested?
  • Are you able to make weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual income projections based on the information at your disposal today?
  • Can you afford (time or money) to take a vacation or do meaningful activities outside of work?

If any of these areas have been on the top of your mind for any length of time, delve into them with determination. Put systems in place that will help you get a handle on your numbers, and begin to track them for improvement. If you haven’t signed up for The Richardson Copywriter, do that right away.

If you’re sick of brick walls, it’s time to LEAP!

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