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Most People Don’t Know What Google Can Do

I really appreciate my Richardson Copywriter subscribers because there’s no one else like them anywhere.

Oh, you can HAVE a company. It’s one thing to show up …

My readers have a strong desire to impact their community with their products and services. Sometimes that means they’re involved in an outreach of some sort, sometimes that means that the most important thing to them at the end of the day is the sense of satisfaction that can only come from knowing you served your customers the very best.

I’ve been serving my community long enough to know that you need ways to make your management, sales and marketing EASIER if you’re ever going to take on an outreach or follow your heart. Your business shouldn’t be your life. Your business should be a vehicle that allows you to HAVE a life. That means you gotta work smart.

If I asked you, “Do you know how to use Google?” most of you would say, “Yeah, sure.”

But I bet you DON’T know how to use it for management, marketing, and sales development or training. This is actually an area I know quite well, and was recently made aware of how much this teaching could help you during the Get Your Message Out – Learn To Blog class last Tuesday. If you missed it, you missed a BUNCH of helpful marketing strategies!!

Don’t worry, I recorded the teaching and will be releasing it as soon as it gets out of production.

Meanwhile, here’s your homework to get you ready for my FREE Google Tips and Strategies webinars:

  1. If you don’t have a Gmail account, use your regular email and set up a Google account. Make sure you verify it when they send you the email.
  2. Download Google Drive to your desktop and phone.
  3. Next, sign up for The Richardson Copywriter so you get the link.

Now you’ll be ready for the first webinar.

Don’t miss this, ladies and gentlemen, there are MUCH easier ways to approach marketing, sales and management – and I’m gonna show you EVERYTHING I use to manage my coaching programs, client projects, management, marketing, and sales strategies – with a handful of useful online Google tools that make me more effective in less time. And I don’t spend every hour of my life doing it, either!!

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