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Sshhh … Something’s Behind That Door!!

Hey, Susan Hamilton here, The Richardson Copywriter and owner of Leaping Walls Consulting & Services. I’m whispering because I’m crouched down under my desk. I heard noises. I’m not sure what’s going on, or how whatever it is got there. It’s right behind the door!

Something’s happening, something BIG! Whatever it is, it doesn’t sound like it wants to stay in there anymore. Why can’t everything just stay the same? I’m not sure I’m ready for that next big thing in my life … but there it is, right behind that door … I can feel it! I can hear it!

It’s trying to get out. Maybe if I just stay here, under my desk, it will go away. Maybe if I just ignore the way it makes me feel inside, it will just disappear. 

ARRGGG ... Trouble Brewing!Do you ever feel like that?

You know, that feeling you get when you realize that one simple change to the way you do business will result in WAAY more cash than you’ve been making?

You know … the moment when you know that starting to do something different and new could make more money, but it means changing how some things have been done in your company for years?

It’s kinda scary! Have you been here before? Will it ever stop? Does this happen to you??

You have feelings inside that talk to you, saying, ‘Now’s the time, go for it!’ and another conflicting feeling that says, ‘What if it doesn’t work, and I’ve gone to all that trouble for nothing?’

Maybe that conflicted emotion is saying, ‘What if it DOES work, and everything changes, and I have to learn new things all the time to keep up?’

Busted!Maybe for you that feeling inside is saying, ‘I can’t count on anyone on my team to do that differently, so I don’t see how changes can REALLY work.’

HEY, wait a minute! Could I be hiding under my desk, afraid of the noises, unsure of what the future holds, staying as busy as I possibly could be to avoid what it really means to GROW my company – and miss out on everything that means?

Things like the financial freedom to take vacations with my husband and family?

Things like supporting volunteer efforts in my community?

Could I be avoiding the management decisions necessary to accomplish my goals simply because I don’t want to ‘rock the boat’? Have I neglected thinking through the details of my company to the point that no one is really in charge unless a crisis comes up?

That'll Take Care o' Him!You know what? I’ve made a decision.

I’m not going to be afraid of ANY big thing that might be hiding just behind that door!

I have this one life, and this opportunity to do something that will change the lives of everyone in my family, my company, and my community, and I’m gonna take that chance.

What if it’s really GOOD? Yeah, I have to know. I’m tired of wondering, tired of doing ‘business as usual’ just because it’s easier than learning something new.

I’m opening that door.

C’mon, let’s see what’s on the other side …

Join me October 29th at 7pm for a Google Hangout that just may change the way you see your company. Be watching, I’ll be unveiling all the gory details soon …

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