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How To Stand Out In A Crowded Marketplace

Christmas stocking.Say there’s 5 local companies that come up on search results that you want to rank for, but you’re not on that list … yet.

Say a person who needs your services or products enters keywords into their computer that broadly describe what you do, but only finds your competition.

Now, he doesn’t know you’re out there, and he can’t make up his mind between what he sees because all those other companies sound pretty similar. They all have the same phrases, a pretty similar message, and a pretty similar way of doing business.

They may even use the same color scheme. He doesn’t want the guy who’s the cheapest, because he knows that often means the work may be sub-grade. The other prices are INSANE for what they say they’ll do.

He probably won’t go to the second page of search results.

So he refines his search terms to narrow down the results to a more precise phrase to find what he’s looking for. If you’re on THAT list, your website appearance, language and message will either repel, attract, or engage him. Let’s think about this guy. 

This guy wants to buy, and he’s got the money to do it right. He wants a quality product or service at a price that he can live with and he wants it done in a particular time frame. Can you impress THAT guy? Attracting him is good, but if you don’t get to the engagement – the part where he makes a move – there’s more work to be done.

There’s a lot of discussion in SEO circles about the point at which your ideal customer calls you to make a purchase decision. While there’s no doubt that you may have converted the sale on the first set of search results, who you’re attracting in 2014 will make a huge difference in the rate your company grows this coming year – and it’s much easier and more lucrative to work with someone who began trusting you online, and was nurtured through the sale. The trouble with most marketing campaigns, websites, and email blasts is that in an attempt to avoid ruling out a customer, the net is cast too broadly and instead of catching tuna, they’re catching plankton.

No, your market isn’t everybody. Begin to clarify in your mind and on paper who your ideal client or customer is, and speak to him or her as though they’re in the room with you. Spend a lot of time here. Then make sure your message online addresses how you solve his problems, fill his need or accomplish his goal – leaving him in a brand new situation that’s much better than where he is right now.

Your prospect will not a be loyal customer who is determined to buy if you can’t directly improve his circumstance in three ways:

  • Immediately,

  • Drastically, and

  • Valuably.

Notice I didn’t say, ‘affordably’. If you compete on price, you haven’t proven your value.

We want what we want when we want it, and he’s no different. He wants to get on the schedule and get moving.

Warm puppy in a blanket on a pillow.The economy is NOT responsible for your ability to drastically and valuably improve his life. You can’t be content to be as good as ‘the other guys’. Make the differences clear, succinct, and evident.

If your products and services are the best choice for someone who has a direct or indirect need for them, you have a responsibility to make sure they know it, well before they pick up the phone. And by the way, if you’re having trouble closing the sale when they call, talk to me about developing a script to become more effective in this area.

I talk to business owners quite frequently who know changes to their website have to be made, but are unsure how to make them and seriously intimidated by their WordPress dashboard. While I usually work one-on-one with these people to get them up to speed, the demand has been so great that I’m going to hold a class here in North Dallas. I want you to have more control of your marketing message, and when you see everything you can do with your WordPress website, you’ll have serious advantages over your competition.

You need to LEAP over the brick walls that are holding you back.

Not convinced your website is attracting the right customer? Let me help you with that. If you’re in the Dallas area, I have a 2 classes coming up in January you should consider attending.

WordPress Workshop I Images, navigation, language and functionality to make it SUPER EASY for your customer to buy from you. When you’re done with this class, you’ll be familiar with your WordPress dashboard and using it like a pro. No more intimidation! Get comfortable keeping your website current with your latest offers. Take my WordPress Assessment to see if you need to brush up on your WordPress knowledge, a complete WordPress Website Makeover, or if you need an entirely new website.

Learn To Blog Have you heard you need a blog, but have NO idea how to get started? Images, audio, video, and social media enhance your blog and grow your audience. You’ll discover how to manage your messages for the greatest impact – without spending all of your time to do it!*

Class size is limited, so claim your spots right away by calling me at 214-714-0495. I’m super excited to help you launch 2014 informed and ready to master your website with ease. All of my products and services are backed by The Hamilton 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose but the dead weight your website has become.

What’s your most pressing WordPress question? Ask it here, the answer may help others, too!

*English reading and writing skills are required. If you can’t write a paragraph, your skill level is too low for these workshops.

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