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WHY Do I Have To BLOG Anyway?

You don’t have to blog. There. I said it. Nope, you can go your whole life in business and even be successful and never blog a day in your life. But the big guys who swear by that, still have someone else do it. Why? Because it gives us an…

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How To Stand Out In A Crowded Marketplace

Say there’s 5 local companies that come up on search results that you want to rank for, but you’re not on that list … yet. Say a person who needs your services or products enters keywords into their computer that broadly describe what you do, but only finds your competition….

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Does Your Blog Have You ‘Creeped Out’?

Yeah, it’s a little creepy thinking about how to reach out to website visitors with a blog. Even though blogging has been around for a while, many people just don’t do it – they feel very uneasy about what to say, and worry about saying too much. Seriously, do people…

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Why You Should Be Blogging For Business

Hi, Susan Hamilton here, the Richardson Copywriter and owner of Leaping Walls Consulting Services. If you’re reading this from your email or on the web, or if you’re listening to this on the go using your SoundCloud App, you’re actively engaging with my blog. Let me know how this information…

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