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The Personal Side Of Business, Socially Speaking

Get up, rub the sleep out of our eyes, spend a little time reading with a cup of coffee and it’s time to start the day. Maybe you work out before you shower and get dressed, I do. We get into whatever routine we’ve developed over the years to get…

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There’s More Than One Way To Skin A Cat (What?)

That’s a totally crazy thing to say, don’t ya think? I mean, who wants to skin a cat?? But it got you here because you know what it means when someone says that … now I’m going to show you what it SHOULD mean to you. And then we’re going…

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What NOT To Say To a Potential Customer

Your phone rings or you shake a hand and someone asks you, “I need someone to ________, do you do that?” and you say, “No.” Not, “I can help you find someone who does,” or buying time with, “Sure, I’m working on something right now, but when can we talk…

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Go DO That Scary Thing!

If you’re having trouble getting customers to your doors or closing sales, I want you to know that I hear that all the time. I love opportunities to talk to you and fire you up about your business again. Repetitive defeat can often be perceived as impending failure, but I…

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What Will You Be Remembered For?

The closing ceremonies in Sochi were beautiful last night, intentionally indelible for all who watched. Russia made a statement, reminding the world of its contribution to the arts and proving its ability to provide a secure environment for the nations of the world to compete. Some people live their lives…

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