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5 Ways To Make A Great Impression

Do you engage in email marketing for your company? If you’ve been doing email for more than a couple of years, you know that this is the time to ramp up your very strategic efforts for the holiday season. NO, it’s too early to send a holiday email – unless…

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Introducing The Offbeat Business Show Airing Tuesdays at Noon!

Business owners everywhere are bombarded with marketing information. We get phone calls, letters, emails and contacts through our website from every country and company offering to improve our online search results and help us ‘get found’. Stay on Facebook long enough and you’ll see countless offers by Facebook marketing pros…

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Don’t Waste Information

Automation, Customer Service and Trackable Data In the state of Texas, we have the right to choose our electric service provider. That’s handy, and although many have no idea what that means to them, I know I save between $50.00 and $250.00 a month on my electric bill because I…

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Go DO That Scary Thing!

If you’re having trouble getting customers to your doors or closing sales, I want you to know that I hear that all the time. I love opportunities to talk to you and fire you up about your business again. Repetitive defeat can often be perceived as impending failure, but I…

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Lessons in Olympic Excellence

My hubby and I watched the female short form and long form ice skating routines this weekend, and I was struck by the level of discipline it must take to spend years focusing on each movement. WOW. We’ve got amazing talent representing the United States of America. As a mother…

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