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Are You Married To Your Search Terms?

The Richardson Copywriter is the Leaping Walls newsletter I’ve named after a name I’ve been known for all over the DFW metroplex for years. It came about during the early years of SEO – search engine optimization – and even though SEO has changed meaning several times over, the name…

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Everything Is A SALES Problem!

No matter how you look at your marketing process, when all is said and done, if you can’t sell it – you’re not going to make money. Today’s seller has big obstacles, and technicians or staff that don’t see themselves as ‘salespersons’ will miss valuable opportunities. Worse yet, when business…

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Two Ways To Increase Sales

Your company may be surviving on the ‘everybody’s my customer’ mindset and enough customers to barely pay your employees, but don’t limit yourself to that! Too many people believe that true success is just getting by – that makes raise one eyebrow and curl my nose!! All you have to…

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How To Stand Out In A Crowded Marketplace

Say there’s 5 local companies that come up on search results that you want to rank for, but you’re not on that list … yet. Say a person who needs your services or products enters keywords into their computer that broadly describe what you do, but only finds your competition….

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