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The Gap Between Good And Great

Most business owners have achieved some level of success in their lives. It’s what’s kept them at the wheel. It might also be what keeps them from moving forward.

How many times have you thought to yourself, “Yaaay! Now I have enough __________ (it could be money, time, or structure) to make it this week! We came through!” Guys, making just enough … ain’t enough. It’s a serious poverty mindset, let me show you why.

Being content in our circumstances, as Paul admonished us to do, has more to do with not freaking out at every curve in the road and trusting that God will get us through this time, too. We all go through challenges, especially in business, when we have highs and lows financially and personally. Paul said he’d learned how to be happy whether he was abased or abounding. That doesn’t mean we should permit ourselves to be lackadaisical, getting by on only enough to take care of ourselves.

In God’s economy, we’re to be capable of meeting every situation that arises and be capable of lending and giving, too. All of our provision is from Him. It’s not a God-honoring mindset to consider Him stingy and meager, He’s the God of More Than Enough, after all. Jesus wants us to have life MORE abundantly. But He’s about teaching us to trust His guidance, and trust His Word. When we trust in something, we act accordingly.

In Titus 3:14 in the amplified version, we’re to give ourselves to honorable labor and honest employment, being well able to meet the needs that arise, and not live uncultivated, unfruitful lives.

Cultivate means to improve or develop by training or education, to give time, thought, and effort to, to promote the growth or development of. Gardeners know it also means to break up hard soil so nutrients can get in, and to remove weeds. We have to remain teachable and pliable, and we have to get rid of those ‘cares of the world’ that Jesus described as weeds.

Friends, this is the gap that stands between good and great. And the only way to cross that chasm is to S-T-R-E-T-C-H! Stretching is a direct result of right teaching. I urge you to surround yourselves with information that inspires you to be a little ‘uncomfortable’ with good enough, and with one eyebrow raised in a moment of Wisdom, to propel your team forward to the success you’ve been hoping for.

“A possibility is a hint from God. One must follow it.” ~ Soren Kierkegaard

Rock on. If you’d like more information on bridging the gap between good and great, prayerfully consider getting in touch with me. I’ll help you look at your company from another perspective, and help you develop a plan that you can start implementing right away. Don’t forget to leave me your comments – I love to hear from you!

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