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5 Ways To Make A Great Impression


Email Marketing StrategyDo you engage in email marketing for your company? If you’ve been doing email for more than a couple of years, you know that this is the time to ramp up your very strategic efforts for the holiday season.

NO, it’s too early to send a holiday email – unless it’s for Labor Day! But you need to put a LOT of thought into how you will use email marketing as an additional touch point in your holiday marketing campaigns, and that has to start NOW.

What do I mean ‘touch point’?

Well, it can take up to 10 contacts or ‘touch points’ with a potential customer before they may purchase from you. That stat is good for every industry across the board. If you rely solely on the phone to ring, ads in the paper, your website and a Facebook page that gets attention twice a week – friends, though it’s an okay start – it’s not enough in today’s fast paced world.

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Why Email Marketing Doesn’t Stand Alone


Email Marketing StrategyEmail marketing is tremendously effective. Most people don’t realize that an active email subscriber is 50% closer to buying from you, voting for you, donating to you – or even coming to Jesus – than all social media groups combined. That’s a bold statement, but here’s why it matters to your business or non-profit.

The key is the term ‘active subscriber’. An active subscriber opens your emails. In America today, too many businesses and most non profits have no idea if their emails are getting opened, or even more important, if anyone is clicking through the link that should be in it.

Listen in.

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Introducing The Offbeat Business Show Airing Tuesdays at Noon!


Marching to the beat of your own business.

Marching To The Beat Of Your Own Business!

Business owners everywhere are bombarded with marketing information. We get phone calls, letters, emails and contacts through our website from every country and company offering to improve our online search results and help us ‘get found’. Stay on Facebook long enough and you’ll see countless offers by Facebook marketing pros to help you advertise and increase your effectiveness on Facebook. We have Twitter cards now and Hootsuite and TweetAdder and now there’s a Google Plus? And we ALL have one?? Really??

It’s a LOT of information, and some of it is highly important information – but how can someone who is not familiar with these terms and platforms recognize what is truly helpful and what is simply ‘clutter’?  Listen in:
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When Blogging Gets Heavy


DFW Rocks Social Media 2014Does the idea of blogging weigh you down? Who has time for that, right?

I mean, who cares about looking at your blog anyway, and why would anything I say on a blog matter to my customer?

Here are the things I hear about blogging all the time:

“Customers don’t read my blog.”
“My products are the same as they’ve always been, there’s nothing more to say about them.”
“A blog will make NO difference to my bottom line. If it doesn’t make money, why should I?”
“No one in my industry blogs. It’s a silly waste of time I just don’t have. I have a business to run.”
“Blogging was just a trendy thing, no one really does it.”

Or how about, “I used to blog, it made no difference at all. No one reads it.”

Here’s the thing. A blog is a major PART of your social media experience and a major PART of your reputation management. It’s not the whole kit-n-caboodle. And without a common-sense strategy and consistent management, it is just a waste of time and space. Read More

Answers To Your Basic SEO Questions


A friend of mine has been getting WordPress advice from me for years. Last week, my father passed away tragically, and she’s been so wonderful to me and our family – covering us in prayer and avoiding pressuring me for help (I don’t call it pressure, she does!). As I looked for the best way to answer her, I realized I hadn’t addressed this on my blog recently. I wonder how many of you might have the same questions? Here’s what she posted on Facebook:

“I’m learning how to choose SEO titles and headlines and how to write copy that gets found in search engines (as well as how to select the most spider-attracting words), but I don’t know how to add them to my site! Isn’t that SAD?!!”

Here was my response, and then I told her I would cover it in a post on The Richardson Copywriter:

“You’re thinking about it backwards, for one thing … spiders follow human behavior. Always write for people. We’ll catch up soon, don’t freak out:)”

SEO is search engine optimization, but don’t be fooled by the name. Search engine spiders follow human behavior, like I told my friend, and writing for robots won’t make you any money. Read More