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Amazing Free Tool To Use Facebook For Lead Generation


Facebook for lead generation.Sick of claims that Facebook ‘Likes’ will somehow help you grow your business, when you know darn well those people don’t buy from you?

Hey, you can get so much more from Facebook, IF you think about your end game. Are you wanting more ‘Likes’, more interaction, or would you like to generate more leads? In my opinion, turning your ‘Likes’ into leads is the smartest way to go. Read More

The Personal Side Of Business, Socially Speaking


Networking, growing your business, referrals, social business.Get up, rub the sleep out of our eyes, spend a little time reading with a cup of coffee and it’s time to start the day. Maybe you work out before you shower and get dressed, I do.

We get into whatever routine we’ve developed over the years to get started, and the day is instantly full. Any thought you had earlier of starting that new line or new direction is suddenly going to be put off until tomorrow, after all …

it just can’t happen today.

What? Networking lunch? That now seems silly. And social media, who has time for THAT? The phone hasn’t quit ringing, and you’ve just spent the last two hours talking to people who were really only interested in the lowest price for your services or items in your store. You’re NOT the cheapest price around, so they went on to another. You can’t afford to miss new work to go talk to people.

If that sounds familiar, HOLD THE PHONE!! Read More

WHY Do I Have To BLOG Anyway?


Blogging isn't so scary!You don’t have to blog. There. I said it. Nope, you can go your whole life in business and even be successful and never blog a day in your life. But the big guys who swear by that, still have someone else do it.

Why? Because it gives us an opportunity to stand out from those who won’t take the time. We’re the experts, right? Then we ought to say something ‘expertly’ once and a while to an online audience who really wants to connect with someone who isn’t just like everyone else. Read More

There’s More Than One Way To Skin A Cat (What?)


Business coaching for the rest of us.That’s a totally crazy thing to say, don’t ya think?

I mean, who wants to skin a cat??

But it got you here because you know what it means when someone says that … now I’m going to show you what it SHOULD mean to you.

And then we’re going to change the lingo.

Maybe a public service announcement would be a good idea … I digress.

When people ask me for marketing advice, I always pause and consider:

  • What are they trying to accomplish?
  • Who do they need to reach to do that?
  • How long will it take to be effective vs how long we really have?
  • How many different ways can this be done?

Read More

HELP! How Do I Make More Money, I’m Out Of Time!


Money stresses.The issue isn’t that you’re NOT doing enough, you know. Why do we always think that doing more will make more money come in? It never works, but I don’t know ANYONE who hasn’t gone through a cycle of thinking like that at least a couple of times – sometimes CONSTANTLY – during the course of their entrepreneurship.

Eventually you get to a spot where if you did work harder or work more, you’d never do anything else! Friends, don’t let your company be the only thing in your life. It’s a big, fat, hairy lie. People who have gone before us and others who mentor me now, making the money that we all want to see in our futures, say the exact. Same. Thing.  Read More