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There’s More Than One Way To Skin A Cat (What?)

Business coaching for the rest of us.That’s a totally crazy thing to say, don’t ya think?

I mean, who wants to skin a cat??

But it got you here because you know what it means when someone says that … now I’m going to show you what it SHOULD mean to you.

And then we’re going to change the lingo.

Maybe a public service announcement would be a good idea … I digress.

When people ask me for marketing advice, I always pause and consider:

  • What are they trying to accomplish?
  • Who do they need to reach to do that?
  • How long will it take to be effective vs how long we really have?
  • How many different ways can this be done?

Most people come to me expecting the basics – social media, blogging, website updates, email strategy – and although I do think they are necessary, thinking that those areas alone are some kind of magic ticket to money is a farce I’m not interested in selling.

As I often share with you, marketing is only ONE element of money-making. Without a sales process and systems in place, all of that other stuff will end up frustrating you, eating all your time, and eventually burning you out. THAT’S why 80% of businesses fail in the first couple of years. It’s a LOT of work and can only be meaningful when results begin to multiply.

I think it’s the human experience to need to be valuable to others. When we don’t see a return on the efforts we’re willing to go to, it begins a downward spiral of self-doubt and discouragement. If no one wants your business, maybe you should pack it up.

If you’re experiencing that side of your business (which you will inevitably experience at some point because it’s part of the journey and by NO means evidence of failure) consider the points I made above. Realize there’s more than one way to skin a cat! (EWWWW!! We have to stop saying that.)

It’s easy to get caught up in what everyone’s doing and feel like you’re not measuring up.

You could probably use some new ideas. How about these?

networking, how do I grow my business, make more moneyCheck out a chamber meeting. You don’t have to become a member immediately to attend, and it will broaden your perspective to speak with other business owners. Concentrate on becoming a great source of referrals for others, and you’ll be surprised how fast that comes back to you.

Download the YouTube Capture app for your iPad or android devices. Making quick videos and uploading them to a well-set up YouTube Channel is a great way to become more visible to your audience. Those videos can get embedded on your blog and social media channels, too, making your life much easier. Practice scripting, but don’t try to be perfect. It’s better to get going than to let imperfection steal the moment. Learn to let go a little!

Volunteer. Seriously. Find a local cause and support it. It will add depth to your message and business, and others will find that authenticity attractive. Be sincere, and make a difference. It won’t be long and others you volunteer with and come into contact with will be referral sources you never knew existed. Volunteer as your business, rather than just yourself, and give the cause a link on your website. Let others know how they can participate with you. Share the gems you learn on your company blog.

Hey, your vision was given to you for a purpose. You just need some new avenues to explore what it truly means to be in business in community. Don’t try to do it in a vacuum. You can’t make money by yourself – it takes two to say ‘yes’ to make money! Go enjoy people, learn how to talk about your business by speaking it often, and smile. A LOT. Discouragement has no place here when you’re designed for success (which you are) but you’ve got to take up all that room it tries to fill with positive motion and grace.

Go try something new, something that involves other people, and tell me about it here!

(I LOVE your comments!)

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