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Two Ways To Increase Sales

Management starts with a plan.Your company may be surviving on the ‘everybody’s my customer’ mindset and enough customers to barely pay your employees, but don’t limit yourself to that! Too many people believe that true success is just getting by – that makes raise one eyebrow and curl my nose!!

All you have to do to change that scenario is:

  • STOP
  • Honestly LOOK at the situation from a place of ‘I want to make it better’
  • Get solid advice to LEAP over the stagnated waters, and
  • MAKE the changes.

No, you’re not doing all you can. Just because you’re tired. Just because you can’t get your employees and staff to work with you. Just because you’ve annihilated any hope of a marketing budget because it takes all your resources just to survive.  Sorry, I guess I’m gonna have to get tough with you.

Do something awesome today!I want you to be happy, but you will always be settling for the dregs if you never decide to come up higher. Happy in your circumstance – yeah, you should be. But discomfort is part of growth and progress, and you’re not truly serving your employees, customers or your family without being willing to be happy while you make a few potentially uncomfortable changes to the way you’re managing your staff and marketing your business. (i.e. sales systems and training, and marketing)

So your plumbing staff doesn’t ‘do sales’ and you’re depending on your website and word of mouth to bring in the business and office staff to close the sale. It’s not enough. Sign up for The Richardson Copywriter and get your FREE copy of the Marketing Budget Manifesto so you can start thinking through reasonable marketing strategies even if your marketing budget is scarce to non-existent.

Say your home health care agency is so busy filling out paperwork and adhering to government guidelines that you can’t even think about managing your website or looking for new work – even though you need to be bringing more in. Sign up for The Richardson Copywriter and get your FREE download The Numbers You Need To Know To Make MORE Money In 2014.

Did I mention that I’m not charging anything for this necessary information?

Say you own a limo company that needs more regular bookings to keep all your drivers busy, but you’re constantly being screened by low-balling prospects who don’t call back wasting valuable time you DON’T have.

Or a HVAC company that is trying to offer a continuity program, like an annual service contract, but can’t get enough people to bite on the offer – even when calling past and current customers.

Listen, this stuff represents many of the reasons we just keep doing what we do. The human mind is really set in repetition, and if nothing interrupts that repetition – no “AHA!” moment or significant devastation – we just keep doing what we’ve always done, hoping that the longer we do it, the better our chances of getting the results we’re after.

That’s ridiculous. As a matter of fact, that’s the very definition of insanity. Guys, you know what separates the winners and losers in this game? It’s not that winners never lose, on the contrary. Winners learn to lose quickly and get back up with new tactics or entirely new strategies.

Two things everyone needs to MASTER next year to get a grip on customer communication, lead generation, and customer retention are:

  • Marketing message – a consistent marketing message (editorial calendar) that leads customers to trust, buy, and continue to purchase from you
  • Manage your website effectively for OPTIMAL search results, lead generation and reputation.

I’m offering a class in January that will help you take control of your company’s direction:

Get Your Message Out – Learn To Blog

Don’t miss your opportunity to make more money faster by learning these little-known techniques to improve search results – but that’s not all. In addition to improved search results, you’ll enjoy a renewed relationship to your previous customers who will be able to see a clear difference between you and the rest of the crowd.

Plus, I have a special one-on-one coaching discount for attendees that are only available during these integral classes.

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What’s your biggest website question? Ask it below, I’ll get right back to you.

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