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What Will You Be Remembered For?

Elvis impersonator.The closing ceremonies in Sochi were beautiful last night, intentionally indelible for all who watched.

Russia made a statement, reminding the world of its contribution to the arts and proving its ability to provide a secure environment for the nations of the world to compete.

Some people live their lives in business ‘out loud’ and ready to step into their future with hope, recognizing their destiny impacts families, communities and organizations surrounding their successes. Others are more comfortable waiting for the ‘next step’ to reveal itself, not realizing the power of their actions to impact positive change. It’s kind of helpless, really, the idea that the brick walls surrounding their lives are too big to leap over – and most definitely too hard.

But time passes, and like Russia, we have to seize the moments that come our way with dignity and intention because everything we do in the few moments that we have matter to everyone. We don’t get those moments back. The clock is ticking, and your attitude in business must be one of rising above every challenge – not waiting for a season to change or a windfall to come or anyone else to give you permission to take necessary steps to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

If your current situation is unworkable, I want to remind you to pray for a solution. Then don’t be surprised when you start dreaming of new ideas and circumstances or new ways of doing the same things you’ve been doing – only smarter and more effectively. Jesus shed His blood on the cross for you to live a full life of journey and adventure, enduring difficulties and resisting the attack of the enemy on your mind, finances, health and future. In this world, we will have struggles, but He ALWAYS causes us to triumph.

That might look like a medal, but it might look like a successful display of competence, rising above with a confident smile and an opportunity to share the fact that there is so much more to this life than we realize.

Take a leap of faith!One day you will be gone. No matter what happens on this earth, in the hearts and minds of those left to go on without you, you will be a memory. Will your memory serve to encourage them with possibility, or will it side with a very real enemy that wants their future is badly as he wanted yours?

Your life is on display, right now, to someone. Your business can and should be a part of your success – but how you run it and what you decide to do differently today is more important to the next generation than it ever will be to you. How you shine in this world will encourage another business owner who is struggling – but only if you reach out.

Networking, my friend, will give you an opportunity to smile at and reach out to another business owner. Shake hands, learn about someone else, and start to recognize how you can address needs in your community with the products and services you offer.

I believe business owners have a special responsibility to impact communities for positive change. Will we be examples of how to be a light in a dark place, or the alternative? The choice has been left up to us. What do you want to be remembered for? Share below!

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