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YOU Are a Success Story!

Dog with glasses.I want to talk to you today about why I believe YOU are a success story. No matter what you do for a living – residential service work, healthcare, photography or anything else – the fact that you’re reading this right now proves that you are one of the few who truly care about improving your business. You’re sick of the ‘business as usual’ tail chasing that social media adds to your day – but you still see the importance of doing it. You’re tired of trying to juggle everything; tired of attempting random acts of marketing that just don’t work.

You’re tired of trying to market your business successfully while you’re still doing everything else that needs to be done.

You want desperately to learn how to be more efficient, more progressive, and earn more money. Friends, it’s time to make the changes that really matter. It’s time to make the changes that add to your bottom line. 

THAT is exactly what makes you a success story in the making! It takes that kind of drive and initiative to quit chasing moonbeams, find the right information and get things done.

Is it possible to have a career and have a life? Is it possible to run a profitable business and plan for the future? Yes, but it won’t happen by itself. You need to have organizational awareness to see the future of your business and achieve financial independence.

According to the SBA, 80% of American businesses have under 10 employees. Many of you are solopreneurs and many are small, family business – others of you have grown your businesses to some degree, but now you’re asking yourself why, in spite of everything you’ve tried, you aren’t seeing a significant increase year after year. It’s time to find out where the spokes on your hub are missing.

  • Do you have a profitable pricing model?
  • Are you using a plan to consistently market to your clients and customers?
  • Do you take time every week to update your website? (Ask me how!)
  • Are you tracking the number of calls you take (or make) against the number of actual sales?
  • If you employ staff or technicians, do you continue to train in-house for operations, sales, and customer service?
  • Do you have written job descriptions for every position in your company, whether you wear all the hats yourself or employ others?
  • Do you have clearly written, achievable, daily, weekly, and quarterly goals for yourself and everyone on your team?
  • Do you hold regular team meetings? If you’re a solopreneur, are you measuring your performance weekly – following through on your goals and recognizing your achievements?

If you answered, “No, I can’t really say I have that information at my fingertips,” you’re not quite in position to receive the success you desire. Yet.

The good news is that you can develop a plan and put systems in place that will lead you further than you ever thought you could go. In the second chapter of Paul’s letter to Titus, he tells me I ‘must speak what is consistent with sound teaching.’ That’s good advice for everyone! It’s a principle you should be standing on every day in YOUR business, too. Success is NOT out of reach, or subject to this economy. Success is only limited by your vision, ability to learn, and willingness to employ the systems it takes to make it happen.

You have a dream in your heart, and the Creator of the universe put it there! YOU are a success story, and I believe in you!

Let’s get America back to work.  What’s one goal you will give yourself this week?

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